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The Danish Construction Sector in the Future - from Tradition to Innovation

December 7, 2000
The products of the building trades are an important element of our life. We live in them, work in them and look at them every day. Houses and buildings make up our towns and cities as an integrated part of our built environment and our culture.

An Analysis of the Danish Shops Act - Consequences for shops, consumers and employees

August 25, 2000
It is the object of the Government to increase the quality of its regulation of trade and industry for the good of both the business community and consumers.

Consumer Policy in the EU

August 23, 2000
In the paper the Government presents a vision for the future European consumer policy as well as proposals for concrete initiatives on how the Amsterdam Treaty can be used to strengthen the consumer policy in the EU.

International monetary fund conclusions of staff visit to Denmark

August 23, 2000
An IMF staff team has been in Denmark June 19-21 to review economic developments and policies. The review has been in the context of a regularly scheduled visit that forms part of the IMF’s ongoing surveillance of countries’ economic policies.

Government Industrial Development Strategy dk21

May 26, 2000
Having a competitive trade and industry is an important condition for building up a viable society.Without a competitive trade and industry, we cannot afford our welfare or environment care.
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