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China and Denmark sign agreement on lower mobile prices
October 8, 2014News
The cost of using mobile services for Danes visiting China and likewise for Chinese people visiting Denmark should be reduced. So today, the Chinese and Danish governments sign a Memorandum of Understanding on lower roaming tariffs.

Danish Maritime Days set to unleash the potential of the maritime industry
October 6, 2014News
The Danish government and the Danish maritime industry have in close collaboration taken initiative to launch a new international maritime event, Danish Maritime Days. The purpose is to gather key stakeholders in order to discuss how to unleash the potential of the global maritime industry.

Agreement concerning the regulation of refinancing risk relating to the granting of variable-rate loans
February 6, 2014News
The Government and Venstre, Socialistisk Folkeparti and Det Konservative Folkeparti have made an agreement on the bill of Danish mortgage institutions, which are carried out for the benefit both Danish mortgage credit institutions and home owners.

Minister for Business and Growth Henrik Sass Larsen

I am very satisfied that we have reached a broad political agreement that handles the refinancing risk in Danish mortgage institutions. This constitutes an important contribution to ensuring the Danish mortgage system.

Read the agreement

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